Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Bisexuals on YouTube

Of course – I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before: bisexual videos on YouTube. I mean, everything else is there: high school productions of Carousel; salsa bands from the early 70s; women showing you how to put your hair up in a retro style (although I failed to follow her instructions properly and ended up with a frizz); the new make-up correspondent for the Guardian; and lectures on this, that and the other.

So, naturally enough, there’s bi stuff. There are 36 bi “manifestos” - this, for instance.

Then there’s “the bisexual kid” who has posted a whole series of videos (maybe dozens) about being a bisexual teenager. This one’s about coming out. I am a bit nervous for The Kid – he’s clearly very young, and thousands of people have seen his YouTube vids. This one has 533 comments. Still, what he is doing is, I’m sure, really valuable for isolated kids his age. I just hope the creeps/psychos/homophobes don’t track him down.

What do you think? Is he too young to be doing this? Brave, or foolhardy? I feel kind of uncomfortable when I see the still from his video posted below.

At a rather different point in the age-range, a woman asked if she was “too old to come out at 46”. This seems to be a TV advice programme: Sound Advice with Marcia and Dr Rick.

Actually, I rather fancy doing a series of videos myself… We’ll see,


Jen said...

I keep wanting to make suitable videos to embed on the BCN site, but am still a bit lacking in the technical know-how and the properly-fleshed-out-idea stakes. Particularly the latter!

Anonymous said...

I was recently very depressed by watching YT vids of young (mostly American) lesbians explaining that they would not date bi women because of the myths surrounding us, the fear of competition from men, and "when I'm down there, I don't want to be licking where no man has been - that's sick to me". *Sigh*

On the other hand, there were a couple of very switched on Black American lesbians pointing out - very clearly and articulately - that dissing bi women undermines queer community and perpetuates the discrimination lesbians experience from the straight world. Granted, they both assumed that bi women are in monogamous relationships with one person at a time; as someone who fits that model, I still felt it important to point out in the comments section that whether or not one is poly, or even whether or not one is capable of having emotionally mature relationships with anyone, is not a function of orientation.

But, yes, everything is on YT.

Heath said...

No matter what the age or who you stay with or social stigma...bi people need to come out and fight for their rights...right of being treated as equals and to get rid of all the stigma surrounding their sexual orientation.

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