Friday, September 29, 2006

Let them eat cake

If you happen to be in London tomorrow, you should come and join me. I'm going to be spending the day with my lovely chums at the House of Homosexual Culture's Autumn Fayre. It'll be a laugh.
Fancy a day of "desexualising sexuality", bringing the gay scene "out of the clubs and into the kitchen"? This is queer London's answer to the village fete.
Ian McKellen (sir) will be opening it - and selling the first fairy cake - then there'll be gingerbreadmen-icing by Gerhard Jenne (of Konditor and Cook loveliness), needlecraft from Stitch and Bitch, a Tupperware stall, Pasta Portraits, a bring-and-buy sale and very many more. Fun for all the (unpretended) family.
And, although this started off as a boys' event, naturally us girls have muscled in too. I've even heard a rumour that there's going to be an edible representation of the history of political lesbianism. Now that's something many of us have had stuffed down our throats; this might be the chance to eat it in a more leisurely fashion.
I'm serving teas, and if you come up to me and mention this blog, an extra big smile will come free with your 50p beverage.

Saturday 30th September, 12noon-5pm, St John's church, Waterloo Road, London SE1

All proceeds to the Food Chain


LoveStrong said...

It sounds like a fantastic event! I will be with you in spirit from across the pond...

Andrew said...

Hello there, hope you had fun. I had a hoot running the Tupperware stall. It looks like it ight become an annual event, which is great news.

Sue George said...

It was really enjoyable - loads of people, lots of fun stalls, somewhat wacky entertainment in the form of dancing people dressed as flowers! The Tupperware was far more colourful than I remembered: I didn't buy any myself but a friend of mine brought a great hand-pureeing gadget.
I do hope they do it again.