Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blogging bisexuality at BiCon

I know, I know, the gaps between posts on here are getting longer.

It's quite hard to keep up the momentum when there's so very much else to do. In particular, I have my MA to hand in, in just over three weeks time. That's 20,000 words I am paying to write!

Anyway, in the meantime I am giving a talk on 26th August at BiRecon, the academic/research part of BiCon - the UK annual gathering of bi people that this year is both held in London and is an International BiCon too, with people from many countries attending. Here's a wikipedia site on the history of BiCons which made me downright nostalgic.

With that in mind, I have some questions:

Do you, or have you, used blogs as part of coming out as bi? If so, was it helpful? Do you write a blog yourself about coming out bi? If so, what sort of impact has it had? If you blogged about bisexuality, but have now stopped blogging, why did you stop?

If you could let me know - either here, or at sues_new_email at yahoo dot com - sooner, rather than later, I'd be ever so grateful.



Jen said...

A very rewarding workshop it was too :) thanks for making it happen.

Sue George said...

*Blushes* thanks Jen.

Rebecca said...

A comment, as promised at BiCon:

I didn't blog when I was first coming out because blogs hadn't been invented then! But when (much more recently) I was starting to get involved in the UK bi community, I did write a post on my personal blog about my changing relationship to the identity bisexual. That was helpful at the time both in getting my ideas together and in feeling I was explaining myself to members of the bi community who read my journal. But now I look back at that post and am a bit embarrassed by it.

My work blog is not just about bi stuff, but I do write about queer and bi issues fairly regularly. I think there's only one post where I say directly 'I'm bi' but I think it's pretty clear from what I'm writing that I am. That blog feels to me like a (subtle)continuous/continuing coming out, which helps to counterbalance the way I am otherwise continuously assumed to be straight.

Yamilette27 said...

I have blogged before but not just about being bisexual. I felt I would have exhausted that subject fairly quick if it had just been about that part of my life. It was just a piece of what I decided to share with others.
I now have another one and it's not as much about my life as it is about feeling crushes on other females and celebrities.
If I would have been coming out as gay, I'm sure the blog would have helped me through it though.