Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I believe

There's a group on Facebook called "Everytime you say you don't believe in bisexuals, one dies".

Just like the fairies in Peter Pan. And how true that is.

If you are told you don't exist, something about you dies. If your life, your feelings, your experiences are supposedly a mirage, where does that leave you? Nowhere.

But some of us are clapping, shouting, doing whatever it takes to say: I believe in bisexuals. And part of the reason we do that is because we are bisexual ourselves.


Dandelion said...

You don't even have to be explicitly told it I don't think. Being treated like you don't exist kind of gets the implicit message across just as well...And it's not so much like part of you dies I don't think, but just that you have no place to stand. Which is very unsatisfactory. And uncomfortable.

Me, I am thinking of Gertie in ET: "I do believe! I do believe!"

Sue George said...

Yes... it doesn't have to be actually said.

Sue George said...

I should have added a wry smile there, I think.

Josephine said...

Like being trans, like me. I have been told, many times, that my belief that I am a different gender to my body is insane/sick/perverse/non existent/a fantasy. Mostly by people I thought loved me.

Jen said...

In case anyone's looking for that facebook group, the url is

(took me a couple of goes to find it!)