Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy bisexual new year

In the past couple of days, I’ve had a lot more traffic to my blog. In fact, it’s getting on for double what it usually is and most of the readers seem to have found it through putting “bisexual” in search machines rather than using links and so forth.
Is this the New Year effect? I think it might be. You know, resolution time - you’re not going to do X for another year, you’re going to make important changes and so forth. For some people, that means doing something, however small, about their bisexuality.
“Oh no,” cries a lonely voice in Sweden, or South Korea, or South Dakota. “Not another year when I’m going to hide my sexuality. In 2007 it will be different.” I hope it will.

And my resolution? Must Try Harder (to post more often on this blog).

So what about predictions… Here’s three:
* More people will decide to “explore their sexuality” as I wrote in a previous post. Indeed, in 2006 two always-gay men that I know personally told me that they had recently “experimented” with women.
* More individuals will write their bi stories on blogs and meet lovers there too. Some relationships will break up as a result, but others will last happily ever after.
* Two female celebrities will tell the world that women are beautiful and everyone is bisexual really. And one male celebrity will threaten legal action because he wants the world to know he is totally, utterly and forever straight.

No brainers, eh? For something more random, there’s always Nostradamus. Or indeed any mainstream media outlet.


Zan said...

Would it be horribly selfish of me to say I'd be overjoyed if my blogging found me a lover? And would I care if it was?:)

(Also, could at least one of those female celebs be someone other than Angelina? She's yummy, of course, but I'd like to hear from someone else. For a change.)

Sue George said...

Oh, I think you're allowed... As your (temporary) fairy godmother, I grant you that wish!

Zan said...

Yay! Thank you Fairy Godmother!

LoveStrong said...

Is there a *Find Your Lover Through Your Blog* self help novel? Guide? Textbook?

If so, please lead me to the right section of the library...or, just show me the pathway to a Bi Blogging Hottie.


Zan said...

Oh! I want that book too! If ya find it, send me a copy :)