Thursday, October 19, 2006

What do you look for in a bisexual blog?

I look for intellectual stimulation, a good laugh, and some pictures of hot bi babes. Oh when will I ever find what I am looking for?

Like many other bloggers (surely...?) I am somewhat obsessed about who looks at my beautifully crafted words. I am often to be found on sitemeter, seeing who is reading what, for how long, and where they got me from.
Some of the results aren't surprising. Lots of people have found me through that wonderful site,, where I add my finely honed apercus on topics from coming out to oh, especially coming out, and where my blog is listed as a resource - right under the brick testament which would make a corpse laugh. Unless it was a fundamentalist Christian.
Blog-chums, such as Mark Simpson, Dave Hill, Eine Kleine Nichtmusik and Clare Sudbery, also send quite a few readers my way, as do the blogrings - in particular Blogher, the women bloggers hub. None of this is a particular surprise.

A bit baffled
Unlike lots of things. Why does my domain name -, leased for peanuts back in the day (2001) and never used till now - send me readers from Korea? Only Korea. And maybe only one reader from Korea with different ISPs.
But what fascinates me the most is what people put into google to find this blog. OK, now they probably never become regular readers (most of them click off immediately - "The 0-second click"), and I wonder why they bother. The clue for the reader is, you know, in the title of this blog. So when they google David Blunkett, or glamorous clothing, and come up with Bisexuality and Beyond surely they know what they're getting. Just a teeny bit.
In the past hour, I have had hits from people searching for "naked gay men" and "naked bi men" words which, if they appear at all, come right in a section of text - given that I have never added any Not Safe For Work pictures to this site. Then there's "12-letter words" I have to assume from a scrabble player and "How can I make the right guys in the gym flirt with me?" Well, not by reading this blog, that's for sure.
There have also been some interesting queries too. What about "creative things to do while kissing". It conjures up two images. One, the innocence of some young thing whose sexual behaviour thus far stops at snogging and wants to know about stroking hair, arms, or other fiddling whose sweetness I am just too jaded to imagine. The other, someone with their left hand on their beloved and the right embarking on some elaborate counted cross-stitch.
Now, lots of people come to this blog wanting sex - either pictures of it, or explicit discussion. No doubt if I deliberately put in things like "cute girls kissing" or "hot buns bi-male action" I'd get even more 0 second google hits. Which I probably will do now.

Logging in and out
I also get lots and lots of 0 second hits from people wanting things I can't give. "She-male blog", "attracted to men", "bisexuals experimenting", "am I bi". Actually, the last one deserves a post to itself because that's something lots of people seem to want to know. It'll get one at some point. Real-world people have actually asked me that, although surely they know better than I do.
By far and away the most popular thing that has brought people to this blog, though, lies in this post, where I talk about The Girl With The One-Track Mind, and how she was outed by the gutter press. Abby Lee/Zoe Margolis is one popular lady if google searches are anything to go by, and bloody good luck to her. Lots of those searchers don't just click off immediately either.
My all-time favourite 0 second click, however, is this: "How many women in the West Midlands have sex with horses". Ooh, I know the answer to that, it's right here in my blog... Just let me have a look....

Oh, wait, I've found it. Yes, that's right... A big fat zero.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what I look for in a bi-sexual blog as yours is the only one I've read !

I love visitor/search statistics, they're just so weird and there is usually something amongst them to bring a smile to your face.

Anonymous said...

Don't underestestimate the 0 second googler.

My understanding is that everyone who does not click a link is recorded as '0 seconds'.

Sosomebody could spend half an hour reading the front page, or the page they have landed on, and if they don't click an external link nor the 'Coments' link, sitemeter is unable to monitor their actions.

This might not work, because I shall be a 'return visitor' - originally from bloglines. But at about 1735 I'm going to click on you from my blog. I'm on BT, for some bizarre reason in West Hoathley in Birmingham using Firefox.

I shall keep your front page open for five or ten minutes but not click anything

Anonymous said...

What I look for is to have an RSS feed, which (unless I'm missing something) this one doesn't. It means I don't have to remember to keep looking here to see if you've posted something new, for example.

Is there an option to set one up somewhere, ideally with the full text rather than a 'tease' of the opening few words? Or is it already available, hidden away somewhere?

Sue George said...

Good points.
Gert, I looked out for you but no sign... I do get people who spent a while on just the opening page, but that's shown on sitemeter. Still, you have been blogging much longer than I have, so I'll take your word for it.

Ian, what you say is quite right and I know I should do that. For RSS (actually XML,of course) try
I've joined up to feedburner and had several goes at downloading a feed button but haven't managed it yet. I'm not sure why - this is all trial and error for me and I have no one around to help at the moment.
Personally, I get my feeds through